Sunday, 24 May 2009

Yummy Mummy...not quite yet.

Who knew what having a gorgeous baby could do to your body? It's amazing to watch your body grow and change when you're pregnant. There's a bit of bemusement on the day when you can't see your feet anymore. And did you ever imagine that you'd need your hubby/significant other to put your shoes on for you? After 40 weeks (or 42 for some of us!), a lovely, fantastic creature leaves your cocoon and starts to change your life in new and exciting ways. Your body also continues to change in bizarre and shocking ways. All depending on the amount of weight you put on during your pregnancy (3-4 stone/42-56 lbs anyone??) your body will respond accordingly. There are lucky mummies who managed to turn down the 4th and 5th muffins at the breakfast table so their weight gain was mainly baby. These are mummies that are difficult to like! Then there are mummies like me who saw pregnancy as the final excuse to eat whatever, whenever and how much I liked for 42 weeks. It was rather fun. I was a bit concerned when, at 5 months pregnant the usual comment was "Are you SURE there aren't two in there?". Delightful plonkers! So, yes, I indulged and enjoyed every minute of it. But nearly 52 weeks later, I'm still paying for it! Particularly when you're over the age of 30, that body you had before baby is going to be very difficult to get back again. And in this economy, who can afford the pricey gym membership, personal trainer and designer menu in order to achieve that goal? So, those of us in this situation resort to walking with baby and buggy and trying not to polish off the remnants from our babies dinner plates. Thankfully, most baby food is not all that appetising anyway but sometimes sweet potato purée really hits the spot! I've taken the bull by the horns (perhaps a bit late) and organised a walking group once a week...Mummies on the Move. We meet at a lovely stately home, have a nice walk around and then a cuppa afterward. It's so much more enjoyable to have other mummies and babies with which to share your pain. I encourage you to do the same where you are. Of course, if you're where I am, come join us...see the right column for more information. I'd love to hear other suggestions for what you've done to get back your NORMAL body. I'm beginning to think that my original belly has vanished for good! I don't really recognise the one that's been left behind thanks to a c-section and massive pregancy poundage. So, your mission, should you choose to accept it:
1) Start a walking group in your neck of the woods.
2) Share with me- how much weight did you gain? how much weight did you lose? how did you do it? keys to success? recipes for attainment of the goal?
3) Who was your fitness/post-baby role model? What famous person or not-so-famous person inspired you? (Anyone who says Katie Price/Jordan better have a brilliant reason)
4) Tell us a funny memory from your pregnancy
Thanks for playing! I look forward to reading and please, if you don't mind, pass on this site to your Mummy friends. I think they'll like you even more for it! Cheers for now!


  1. Hello! I am loving your blog! I have found great success in losing post-baby weight doing pilates. It's punishing (you will make noises you haven't made since giving birth) but the results are phenomenal and come very fast! I currently weigh less than I did BEFORE I got pregnant! I only gained 17 lbs with this pregnancy (I was sick the entire time :((( ), so there was less weight to lose, but no excercise plan I have ever been apart of works as well or as quickly as pilates. The best part? You can learn to do it for free by reading up online or renting a book from the library. I learned to do it by taking a class (8 sessions), and then continuing on my own at home. I do it 3 days a week for one hour. All you need is a pilates mat (roughly $25). Anywho, that's my baby weight loss story. Hope it helps!

  2. Brilliant Corinne! Thanks for the advice. I know Pilates is super...I used to do it when I was in Peoria and I was in the best shape of my life. Unfortunately, I still have a mega-muscle separation thanks to my gigantic pregnant belly so I still have to work on the underlying muscles before diving in...mind you, 12 months later! Congrats on being thinner than you've ever been. Now, however, I have to begin hating you! :) Cheers!

  3. I am 24 weeks pregnant with number two (number one is 18 months old), and although I was sick as a dog last time and only ate dry toast for at least 5 months, I went from a 12-14 to size 16. Now I'm pregnant again, none of my old maternity clothes fit me! Far to baggy, wooo. Even though this time I'm not sick and my main craving is chocolate...Don't know what I did to deserve this good luck! Apart from having a very,very small bump, which at the time was horrible, but it has it's being ridiculously smug on the post-natal ward where everyone else looks 6 months pregnant & I look like my old self, pretty much! Give or take the extra skin...urgh.

  4. Yes, what is it that's left over? Good lord! And having had a c-section, I think that makes it worse. I honestly don't recognise my really has a weird shape now. But I have a gorgeous daughter so who cares if I dress in tents from now on! I'm thinking I should get pregnant again soon so I can claim that's what it is! :) Cheers for the comment...

  5. Well I didn't have a C-section but I've still been left looking like Mr Jelly from the Mr Men. I have done aerobics, yoga, Wii Fit, walking, jogging and cycling and that damn jelly belly is still there!! And what's worse is its covered in stretch marks!! I'm fed up with people telling me to be proud of my "post pregnancy medals"!!!

  6. I try not to look at the stretch marks. I thought I didn't have them when I was pregnant but that's because I couldn't see the lower part of my belly! They were hiding there all along. We're cursed! In the US, celebrities swear by these "wraps" which are sort of like spandex girdles which you're meant to wear from post-birth in order to regain that flat stomach. Since I never had one in the first place, I don't think it's going to happen. And they cost too much money as well. Guess we'll just have to live with it but it doesn't mean we have to like it! :)
    Cheers for the comment...