Thursday, 21 May 2009

Product Review No. 1- Baby Jogger City Mini

When my lovely husband and I were expecting our Little Miss, one of the first items that we investigated, sampled and sorted out was the all important pushchair/stroller. After looking at many and after hubby had practised opening and closing and manipulating most, we chose a travel system- Graco Quattro Tour Mosaic travel system. While this was a brilliant system, ultimately it was just too bulky, heavy and difficult to manage in the boot/trunk of our car. We did thoroughly use it, mind you, but with a trip to America looming we shot off to the local Baby Warehouse-a-Rama and started looking at smaller, light-weight pushchairs that would travel easily and not be so difficult to work with. We happened across a small display of Baby Jogger pushchairs and found just what we were looking for. The Baby Jogger City Mini was more in our price range (retail £137 at Kiddicare) and since neither Lovely Hubby nor I are marathon runners, we decided we didn't need the Original Baby Jogger with the giant jogging front wheel. The City Mini is a "three wheeler" although the front wheel is technically 2 small wheels together. It's extremely light weight (weighs 17lbs in total), has a one-hand fold system (you lift up on a strap in the seat and bam! it's folded virtually flat), has a magnificent canopy which comes down low enough to effectively block the sun from your child yet still provide them with a view, and is stylish and very manoeuverable. Your child can sit at a slight recline or be laid completely flat. When laid completely flat there is a mesh venting window which allows air and light in to keep your child comfortable or you can release a cover which keeps the weather out. The shopping basket under the seat is not massive but you can put quite a few things in it and there is a pocket on the back of the seat which allows for minimal objects. You can purchase accessories such as a rain cover, car seat attachment, buggy bar, and toddler booster seat through Baby Jogger. We are extremely happy with our Baby Jogger City Mini and haven't looked back. The Graco Travel System now occupies a section of the garage! The trip to America was made infinitely easier because of this pushchair. It also allows us to go into a lot of shops/restaurants that are not buggy friendly as we can take Little Miss out of the chair, fold up the pushchair in a flash and store it comfortably next to our table. Not many other pushchairs offer this flexibility. Baby Jogger also makes a double push chair which would be just the thing if we ever decide to have another Little Miss/Mister. Please take a few minutes (3 to be exact) to view the video at the bottom of my page to see the Baby Jogger City Mini in action. Cheers for now!

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