Saturday, 16 May 2009

Adventures of Little Miss- Volume 2

My goodness, did I manage to bang myself about today! Remember how I'm walking now? Well, there are a lot of things that jump up and grab you when you're just learning to walk properly. I had a nice trip into Stamford with Mummy and Daddy but when I wanted to get down and walk around Costa coffee, they just wouldn't let me! I just wanted to say hi to a few people and see what my shoes sounded like on the nice floor. They spoil all my fun! We met up with Nanny and Grandad and my Godmother and had lunch at a place that made Mummy and Daddy too warm. I had a nice cheese sandwich, mashed some strawberries and polished off some yogurt before their food even arrived! I was HUNGRY! After we got back home (and after I had a nice restorative nap), Daddy and Mummy and Dogga and I went to the park. Daddy carried me on his shoulders and only bashed my head into a tree branch once. I tried to chase after Dogga but he's a bit too fast for me. I got to swing on the baby swings where I laughed and laughed while Daddy pushed me. When we tried out the elephant rocker, that's when it all went pear shaped! I slipped a bit and banged my mouth on the handle and managed to get my new top tooth stuck in my bottom lip. OWIE! It bled a bit too so Mummy used her sweatshirt to wipe my tears and my blood- she's awfully nice, my Mummy. When we got back home I decided to do some reading but when I went diving into my book box I slipped and hit my face, right below my right eye, on the edge of the box! Oh dear...I had to cry again! And that one REALLY hurt...I think I'll have a nice black eye soon. Mummy said something about buying something called ARNICA. Think she'd better get a big tube of it...I know I'm gonna have a few more bangs. Awfully sleepy now...may manage to give Mummy and Daddy a break and sleep through the night. Then again...
Ta for now...
Little Miss

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