Wednesday, 20 May 2009

The Apprentice (UK) and The Baby Show

For those of you not in the UK, we have The Apprentice here as well- hosted by Sir Alan Sugar. There is a right group of numpties this year and tonight's episode had them at one of the major Baby Shows in London trying to sell, sell, sell. The products one of the two teams chose to sell were a collapsable/lightweight buggy (called Take Off) and a protective HELMET designed to protect babies and toddler's heads from day to day lumps and bumps. This is the team that won!!! NOOOOOO!!!! Helmets???? Good lord! This just goes to show you that expecting parents will buy ANYTHING that seems to promote safety for their child. One look at the poor children who had to wear this high-impact brightly coloured foam helmet with ears on top, told me that this was a very bad idea. These poor children! Can you imagine taking your child to a class or playgroup and saying, "Oh, wait sweetie, before you go play, let's put your helmet on!". How 'bout labelling your child as DIFFERENT from the very beginning! As anyone who's read my blog knows, our Little Miss bangs her head and other body parts on a very regular basis so I'd love to wrap her in bubble wrap and protect her precious self but am I going to?? No! She needs to have the semi-regular bump and bruise; she needs to learn what NOT to do and she doesn't need to be completely different from every other child she's around. Anyone who has bought one of these helmets...please think again. Yes, helmets for bicycling or rollerblading or motocross or kayaking...helmets for play time...not so much.

(The other Apprentice team chose a birthing pool and luxury rocking horse costing £1500 to hawk at the Baby Show...wonder why they lost??)

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