Thursday, 14 May 2009

Adventures of Little Miss- volume 1

So, my Mummy decided to start this blog so she has something to do. I decided that I would help her! I'll write a little bit about my adventures as a toddler and you might find it amusing. For example...
Yesterday, Mummy took me to Nanny and Grandad's for a while while she ran errands (so she says...she probably went home and took a nap!). I had so much to do! I chased the birdies from the garden, played with my piggy, walked around and around the kitchen, pet Sinjin, ate some yogurt (spilled some of it on my shirt...Mummy noticed!) and moussaka and got rather hyper! When Mummy got back I was right in the middle of chasing Piggy...she spoils all the fun. She tried to make me take a nap but I had other plans! But then, after a while, I started to feel a bit snotty! Grandad had a cold, you see, and I think he gave it to me. Gosh, a lot of junk comes out of your nose, doesn't it?? Mummy keeps wiping and wiping- I HATE that! So, as revenge, I kept waking up last night and finally she gave in and took me in the front bedroom and slept with me in the BIG bed! I love that! I might give her a break today...naaaa. It's good to keep Mummy on her toes. I made Daddy get up before 6am today...Mummy was too tired from being up most of the night with me so she was very happy when Daddy finally got out of bed to take me downstairs. We'll see how much more torture I can bring to their day. Hope you enjoyed my first installment. Ta for now...
Love, Little Miss

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