Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Let's Start at the Very Beginning...

Welcome to Café Bébé! In an effort to help new/experienced mummies and channel my creative energies, I am undertaking writing this blog. My goals are simple:
1) Highlight topics of interest to me and other mummies
2) Provide a forum to share ideas, tricks, tips, recipes and problems
3) Promote area events/locations/family friendly cafés, restaurants and shops
4) Give you food for thought
5) Brighten your day!
I'm no expert but I am a mummy to a gorgeous 11-month old baby who teaches me something new every day. I won't claim to know everything nor am I necessarily right about anything but I do have a voice and I like to use it every now and then. It is my hope that you will visit often, find things of value and share this outlet with your friends. You don't have to live near me to benefit from this just might have to miss out on some of the local goings-on! I will do my level best to post regularly and keep on top of what's what! Share what you can, be open to new ideas and be the best mummy you can be!

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