Thursday, 21 May 2009

Adventures of Little Miss- Volume 3

I do believe that I have said it mummy can be so silly! She doesn't think that I can feed myself. She gets a bit twitchy and nervous when I reach for the spoon. The other night we had a tug-o-war for it and she would like to think she won, but little does she know! I let go of the spoon just when I knew that the yogurt would hit her on her head. It landed on her shirt as well but she didn't notice...I did though! Hee hee. I mean, what's the big deal really? You just hold on to the spoon really tight, shove it at the food and then try to get it in your mouth before it falls off. just fell off again. Right on my nice pink trousers. Red blotches everywhere! Mummy looks a bit twitchy again. Maybe I should let her have the spoon back after all. I seem to get a lot more full a lot faster when she feeds me. But don't let her know that I said that. We'll let her think that she's won again. She feels better that way. And I get to go watch "In the Night Garden" a lot faster when she feeds me and that's all that matters anyway. Besides, did you ever try to keep yogurt on a spoon? It ends up everywhere rather quickly. Must master this soon so I can have another one up on Mummy.
Hugs and Kisses...must go to bed now (or let them think that's what I'm doing!).

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