Sunday, 31 May 2009

Ridiculous O'Clock

Do you remember the days when having a lie in meant sleeping until 10am, not 6am? They are now a hazy memory. I used to be a night person. Actually, I still am, really which is why getting up at ridiculous o'clock is still tricky for me! I never thought I would actually be able to tell people when birdsong begins (3:15am in the East Midlands, UK). I'm having a hard time remembering when I last had a proper NAP. You see, naps were still VERY important to me not more than a year ago. I would happily take naps in the afternoon, particularly on a Sunday, for up to 2 hours...and I'm a grown woman! Sleep is an entirely different thing now though. How did I become able to hear Little Miss go "...cough..." and fly out of bed in the middle of the night? Apparently I have an entirely different hearing ability now that motherhood has set in. Perhaps that's something they snuck in during my c-section? A quick tweek on my hearing? Why couldn't they also do a quick tweek on my abdominal area as well?
As I type, Little Miss is toodling around the lounge after waking at 5:39am. This is our life. The joy that is Little Miss almost always begins in the 5 o'clock hour. And while that hour is moderately offensive, what a joy she is when we bring her into bed with us. Usually it begins with a rattling of the bars (chicka-chicka-chicka) and then a bit of chatter followed by "Dada...Dada??". Dada does usually get up to get her (after a bit of a "Your daughter is calling you" prod). "Dada!!!" she calls out when the door precious! Would that we could all wake up so happy! Depending on the ridiculousness of the hour, we might try to lay her down between us in an attempt to get a few more minutes shut eye but more often than not it's play time. We have a lovely routine, really. During the week, Dada gets up with Little Miss for an hour before he needs to get ready for work and that's where I can have a little flash back to those days of Lie In's...those 45 minutes extra kip are so nice. On the days where I get up with Little Miss, do I grumble just a bit in a nostalgic moment for the days when I knew nothing of ridiculous o'clock or birdsong? Honestly, yes...but the face of my gorgeous daughter, the squeeze around the neck and little voice which happily says "Mama" as we leave the room makes ridiculous o'clock the best time of the day.

Friday, 29 May 2009

We're Gonna Party like it's 2009!

As Little Miss' First Birthday is fast approaching, the quandry about a party begins. Since she's only going to be 1, does she need a bouncy castle and balloons? She won't even remember it! But she's only 1 once, isn't she? In this day and age, if you go whole hog for Birthday Number 1, are you obliged to out-do yourself every single year after this? That's a lot of creativity! And money apparently. According to the Daily Mail, the current average spend for children's birthday parties is £5000-£50,000! I'm not sure if this article was actually researched recently as with the credit crunch we can barely afford to EAT much less splash out £5000 on a party. The whole idea of spending that much money on a child's birthday party is a bit obscene really. As a result of this new trend, we have parents feverishly stuffing goodie bags with tat, icing grand tiered cakes that rival my wedding cake and frantic calls to children's entertainers because we couldn't possibly let them just PLAY, could we? Shall I tell you how we are celebrating Little Miss' First Birthday?

1) On the day, we'll have a quiet celebration with my visiting mum and Hubby's parents. There will, of course, be cake...perhaps not 3 tiered, but at least 1.

2) For Little Miss' friends we're having a JOINT party with Little Miss' best girlfriend. We intend to have a couple take-away gifties for the kids but to primarily celebrate the Mummyhood we've all endured for the last year while the Kiddies play. There will, of course be cake...of the fairy kind I do believe. And there very well could be a wee dram of alcohol for the long-suffering Mummies.

3) On the weekend we will host an open house at our house for friends and relatives to drop in and visit. Very casual. There will, of course, be cake...of the Duck Shaped Variety as that is the animal of choice for Little Miss. There will, most definitely be alcohol and hopefully a nicely grilled burger or two for the long-suffering friends and relatives.

All of these parties are not without stress, mind you, but we're aiming for as little HOOPLA as possible. There are plenty more birthdays for that!

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Liar, Liar, pants on fire!!

With a precious few minutes to peruse the Daily Mail newspaper the other day (the inlaws were entertaining Little Miss) I stumbled across an interesting article. The author was tackling the subject of lying. Apparently we (the royal we) lie at least 4 times a day in varying shapes and forms. I'm sure scientists were paid by the government to discover this. She decided to take on the challenge of NOT lying for an entire week. This was a supreme challenge, it turned out. If you think about it, how many lies do we really tell during the day? It's got to be in double figures. The little white lies count after all.
"How are you?"..."Fine!" Real answer = "Miserable really...I'm hungry, feel fat and ugly and you have bad breath!"
The author of this article was even manipulated by her 10-year-old daughter, who, knowing that her mother couldn't tell a lie, asked her questions like "When did you lose your virginity?" The mum answered "None of your business" which wasn't specifically a lie but just avoiding the truth. So, could you make it through an entire day without telling a lie? I know I'd find it tricky. You might very well succeed in p***ing off a lot of people. Which, I think is why we do tell "little white lies". Do passers-by or aquaintances really want to know how you are? Do we want to totally knock a friend for six when she asks, "Am I over-reacting to this?"? Do we want to crush our child's spirit by telling them that the real reason we are not buying the sweets in the store is because we can't afford it? No!!! We want to keep the world a happy place. Reality bites, after all. And, it also is a way to get our children, in particular, to do what we'd like them to do. I remember when I was a little girl, my mother told me that if I ever hit her, I'd be arrested! We lived across the road from the town chief of police so I knew that if I hit my Mummy, he'd come a-knockin'. Obviously a blatent lie (I think!) but she achieved her goal. Frightening me into good behaviour! What lies have you told to your husband/significant other? The list could be long, couldn't it? Ultimately I don't think the little white lies are the ones which hurt. In fact, they are probably the ones which keep the ball of life rolling smoothly. Do we want to know the truth? I don't think I do! I like living in my rosey world where everything is "fine". How 'bout you?
Feel free to share your favourite WHITE hubby, mum, children or friends. I'd love to learn some new ones!
Cheers for now!

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Yummy Mummy...not quite yet.

Who knew what having a gorgeous baby could do to your body? It's amazing to watch your body grow and change when you're pregnant. There's a bit of bemusement on the day when you can't see your feet anymore. And did you ever imagine that you'd need your hubby/significant other to put your shoes on for you? After 40 weeks (or 42 for some of us!), a lovely, fantastic creature leaves your cocoon and starts to change your life in new and exciting ways. Your body also continues to change in bizarre and shocking ways. All depending on the amount of weight you put on during your pregnancy (3-4 stone/42-56 lbs anyone??) your body will respond accordingly. There are lucky mummies who managed to turn down the 4th and 5th muffins at the breakfast table so their weight gain was mainly baby. These are mummies that are difficult to like! Then there are mummies like me who saw pregnancy as the final excuse to eat whatever, whenever and how much I liked for 42 weeks. It was rather fun. I was a bit concerned when, at 5 months pregnant the usual comment was "Are you SURE there aren't two in there?". Delightful plonkers! So, yes, I indulged and enjoyed every minute of it. But nearly 52 weeks later, I'm still paying for it! Particularly when you're over the age of 30, that body you had before baby is going to be very difficult to get back again. And in this economy, who can afford the pricey gym membership, personal trainer and designer menu in order to achieve that goal? So, those of us in this situation resort to walking with baby and buggy and trying not to polish off the remnants from our babies dinner plates. Thankfully, most baby food is not all that appetising anyway but sometimes sweet potato purée really hits the spot! I've taken the bull by the horns (perhaps a bit late) and organised a walking group once a week...Mummies on the Move. We meet at a lovely stately home, have a nice walk around and then a cuppa afterward. It's so much more enjoyable to have other mummies and babies with which to share your pain. I encourage you to do the same where you are. Of course, if you're where I am, come join us...see the right column for more information. I'd love to hear other suggestions for what you've done to get back your NORMAL body. I'm beginning to think that my original belly has vanished for good! I don't really recognise the one that's been left behind thanks to a c-section and massive pregancy poundage. So, your mission, should you choose to accept it:
1) Start a walking group in your neck of the woods.
2) Share with me- how much weight did you gain? how much weight did you lose? how did you do it? keys to success? recipes for attainment of the goal?
3) Who was your fitness/post-baby role model? What famous person or not-so-famous person inspired you? (Anyone who says Katie Price/Jordan better have a brilliant reason)
4) Tell us a funny memory from your pregnancy
Thanks for playing! I look forward to reading and please, if you don't mind, pass on this site to your Mummy friends. I think they'll like you even more for it! Cheers for now!

Technology, argh!

I have just spent the majority of the evening (from Little Miss' bedtime at 7:15pm until now...10:45pm) trying to sort out the joy that is eBay. I'm flogging some of Little Miss' unused items in order to put more food in the pantry so I've gone through a site called Auctiva which is supposed to be easier, and cheaper than selling directly on eBay. Is it REALLY??? I have been texting back and forth with my good friend, the eBay Queen, who is trying to guide me through the process. Good Lord!!! I'm still not there and now have an email into customer support at eBay to try to get the answer to my question. I've struggled with my Facebook page and this blog as well...I get a racy heartbeat trying to see if all the things I'm doing are working. They seem to more often than not but that seems to be more luck than anything. So, if anyone has any advice out there about links, RSS (what is that anyway?), eBay, Auctiva or any other technology, please help a girl out! there anyone out there reading this thing? I still can't figure out how to get my blog out there more? Considering that I'm running this site through blogger, it's obvious that I don't have money. Thanks for any feedback in advance...what do you think about my blog after all? Like to see anything in particular RELATING TO BABIES, PARENTING and SIMILAR TOPICS?? Do tell...I'll do my best to make it happen. If it doesn't require too much technology, that is! Cheers for now...

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Mummies on the Move

Getting back in shape is HARD work. After a busy morning of nappies, running after Little Miss and more nappies, am I willing to do more HARD work? Not so much! I find it hard to find the motivation sometimes. I always feel better after a nice long walk with Little Miss in the buggy but when the wind is blowing and the clouds are looming I find it's difficult to get out of the door. I want to get back in my pre-pregnancy clothes as much as the next mummy...where's that magic pill to give me a boost in the right direction? Well, I have found some answers and that's been through Mummies on the Move. Getting other mummies, buggies and babies together really helps. In order to keep my own motivation up, I've organised the mummies and babies that we're friends with to get out and walk. Sometimes you have to take the bull by the horns don't you? Yesterday was our first OFFICIAL Mummies on the Move event. I hope it won't be the last! We met at Burghley House, went on a grand walk through the grounds, into and around Stamford and back to Burghley. We finished up with a nice cup of tea and bottles for babies in the café by the Garden of Surprises. What a lovely walk! The mummies who were with me might disagree as there were quite a few hills to conquer but we all felt better at the end, I do believe. It makes such a difference to have someone to exercise with. You feel an obligation, first of all, and the time goes much faster when you have someone to chat with. The real key is making it a "workout", not just a STROLL. That's were the hills come in handy! In the US (major cities) there are a lot of Mummy workout opportunities- stroller walking groups, exercise classes, etc where in the UK, you're just not going to see a Buggy Brigade marching through the parks unless you're in London. So, I'm rather proud of the mummies who joined me yesterday...they worked hard, we had great conversation, our babies got fresh air and we burned a few calories at the same time. So, put down the magazine, fill up your water bottles, grab the phone and round up a few mummies, buggies and babies and get your bums moving! You might not get back into your pre-pregnancy clothes instantly, but you'll get there eventually. And it doesn't cost a thing! Cheers!

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Adventures of Little Miss- Volume 3

I do believe that I have said it mummy can be so silly! She doesn't think that I can feed myself. She gets a bit twitchy and nervous when I reach for the spoon. The other night we had a tug-o-war for it and she would like to think she won, but little does she know! I let go of the spoon just when I knew that the yogurt would hit her on her head. It landed on her shirt as well but she didn't notice...I did though! Hee hee. I mean, what's the big deal really? You just hold on to the spoon really tight, shove it at the food and then try to get it in your mouth before it falls off. just fell off again. Right on my nice pink trousers. Red blotches everywhere! Mummy looks a bit twitchy again. Maybe I should let her have the spoon back after all. I seem to get a lot more full a lot faster when she feeds me. But don't let her know that I said that. We'll let her think that she's won again. She feels better that way. And I get to go watch "In the Night Garden" a lot faster when she feeds me and that's all that matters anyway. Besides, did you ever try to keep yogurt on a spoon? It ends up everywhere rather quickly. Must master this soon so I can have another one up on Mummy.
Hugs and Kisses...must go to bed now (or let them think that's what I'm doing!).

Product Review No. 1- Baby Jogger City Mini

When my lovely husband and I were expecting our Little Miss, one of the first items that we investigated, sampled and sorted out was the all important pushchair/stroller. After looking at many and after hubby had practised opening and closing and manipulating most, we chose a travel system- Graco Quattro Tour Mosaic travel system. While this was a brilliant system, ultimately it was just too bulky, heavy and difficult to manage in the boot/trunk of our car. We did thoroughly use it, mind you, but with a trip to America looming we shot off to the local Baby Warehouse-a-Rama and started looking at smaller, light-weight pushchairs that would travel easily and not be so difficult to work with. We happened across a small display of Baby Jogger pushchairs and found just what we were looking for. The Baby Jogger City Mini was more in our price range (retail £137 at Kiddicare) and since neither Lovely Hubby nor I are marathon runners, we decided we didn't need the Original Baby Jogger with the giant jogging front wheel. The City Mini is a "three wheeler" although the front wheel is technically 2 small wheels together. It's extremely light weight (weighs 17lbs in total), has a one-hand fold system (you lift up on a strap in the seat and bam! it's folded virtually flat), has a magnificent canopy which comes down low enough to effectively block the sun from your child yet still provide them with a view, and is stylish and very manoeuverable. Your child can sit at a slight recline or be laid completely flat. When laid completely flat there is a mesh venting window which allows air and light in to keep your child comfortable or you can release a cover which keeps the weather out. The shopping basket under the seat is not massive but you can put quite a few things in it and there is a pocket on the back of the seat which allows for minimal objects. You can purchase accessories such as a rain cover, car seat attachment, buggy bar, and toddler booster seat through Baby Jogger. We are extremely happy with our Baby Jogger City Mini and haven't looked back. The Graco Travel System now occupies a section of the garage! The trip to America was made infinitely easier because of this pushchair. It also allows us to go into a lot of shops/restaurants that are not buggy friendly as we can take Little Miss out of the chair, fold up the pushchair in a flash and store it comfortably next to our table. Not many other pushchairs offer this flexibility. Baby Jogger also makes a double push chair which would be just the thing if we ever decide to have another Little Miss/Mister. Please take a few minutes (3 to be exact) to view the video at the bottom of my page to see the Baby Jogger City Mini in action. Cheers for now!

Wednesday, 20 May 2009


I'm being so efficient tonight! I have started a page on Facebook for Café Bébé. If you go to Facebook and search for Café Bébé you will be able to click on my page. I have preliminary info on there and am aiming to post my blog posts there as well. Can anyone tell me how to do this...I'm just not getting it! I'd appreciate any advice out there. Thanks so much and see you on Facebook!

The Apprentice (UK) and The Baby Show

For those of you not in the UK, we have The Apprentice here as well- hosted by Sir Alan Sugar. There is a right group of numpties this year and tonight's episode had them at one of the major Baby Shows in London trying to sell, sell, sell. The products one of the two teams chose to sell were a collapsable/lightweight buggy (called Take Off) and a protective HELMET designed to protect babies and toddler's heads from day to day lumps and bumps. This is the team that won!!! NOOOOOO!!!! Helmets???? Good lord! This just goes to show you that expecting parents will buy ANYTHING that seems to promote safety for their child. One look at the poor children who had to wear this high-impact brightly coloured foam helmet with ears on top, told me that this was a very bad idea. These poor children! Can you imagine taking your child to a class or playgroup and saying, "Oh, wait sweetie, before you go play, let's put your helmet on!". How 'bout labelling your child as DIFFERENT from the very beginning! As anyone who's read my blog knows, our Little Miss bangs her head and other body parts on a very regular basis so I'd love to wrap her in bubble wrap and protect her precious self but am I going to?? No! She needs to have the semi-regular bump and bruise; she needs to learn what NOT to do and she doesn't need to be completely different from every other child she's around. Anyone who has bought one of these helmets...please think again. Yes, helmets for bicycling or rollerblading or motocross or kayaking...helmets for play time...not so much.

(The other Apprentice team chose a birthing pool and luxury rocking horse costing £1500 to hawk at the Baby Show...wonder why they lost??)

Product Reviews

In my continuing efforts to help out mummies everywhere, I have been checking out other blogs and sites to keep up on the latest. Unfortunately for us, most of the sites I have found, which are very entertaining and moderately brilliant are based out of the US. They review products, recommend and even have GIVEAWAYS! This is my next endeavour! But I'll be starting small...reviewing products that I have purchased, used and loved or hated. It might take a while to get companies to send me their products for trial but when I do, I'll be sure to post. So, watch this space for my first review: Baby Jogger City Mini pushchair! Cheers!

Monday, 18 May 2009

Arnica? Does it work???

As you'll know from Little Miss' posts, she's been taking a tumble or eight lately. Walking is dangerous stuff! I've heard from a few Mummies that ARNICA is the key to keeping the bruising to a minimum. It's a homeopathic remedy and I'd love to know if you've used it with your Little Miss/Mister and if it works! Also, how in God's green earth do you keep a cool cloth/ice pack on a bruised, bumped body part?? My Little Miss won't stand for it! I can't tell if it's her stubborn streak coming out or if I need to approach the situation in a different way. I'd love any suggestions or commiserations! I've purchased the arnica and applied it to Little Miss' latest egg on her forehead and will wait with bated breath to see the results. I'll keep you posted on my success if you share yours! Cheers!

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Adventures of Little Miss- Volume 2

My goodness, did I manage to bang myself about today! Remember how I'm walking now? Well, there are a lot of things that jump up and grab you when you're just learning to walk properly. I had a nice trip into Stamford with Mummy and Daddy but when I wanted to get down and walk around Costa coffee, they just wouldn't let me! I just wanted to say hi to a few people and see what my shoes sounded like on the nice floor. They spoil all my fun! We met up with Nanny and Grandad and my Godmother and had lunch at a place that made Mummy and Daddy too warm. I had a nice cheese sandwich, mashed some strawberries and polished off some yogurt before their food even arrived! I was HUNGRY! After we got back home (and after I had a nice restorative nap), Daddy and Mummy and Dogga and I went to the park. Daddy carried me on his shoulders and only bashed my head into a tree branch once. I tried to chase after Dogga but he's a bit too fast for me. I got to swing on the baby swings where I laughed and laughed while Daddy pushed me. When we tried out the elephant rocker, that's when it all went pear shaped! I slipped a bit and banged my mouth on the handle and managed to get my new top tooth stuck in my bottom lip. OWIE! It bled a bit too so Mummy used her sweatshirt to wipe my tears and my blood- she's awfully nice, my Mummy. When we got back home I decided to do some reading but when I went diving into my book box I slipped and hit my face, right below my right eye, on the edge of the box! Oh dear...I had to cry again! And that one REALLY hurt...I think I'll have a nice black eye soon. Mummy said something about buying something called ARNICA. Think she'd better get a big tube of it...I know I'm gonna have a few more bangs. Awfully sleepy now...may manage to give Mummy and Daddy a break and sleep through the night. Then again...
Ta for now...
Little Miss

Brilliant Idea- Number 1

This morning while watching a Breakfast programme while Little Miss slept, I tuned into a story that really puts forth a BRILLIANT IDEA. A father decided, for some reason, to take a photo of his daughter every day of her life. She is now 13 and she has a picture from every, single day of her life. Isn't that cool? What an amazing record of her life. And how amazing to be able to look at a year at a time and see all the subtle changes that occur in each Little Miss/Mister's life! They showed a slideshow of quite a few images which was quite dramatic to see. So, I propose that you consider utilising this BRILLIANT IDEA! Starting, perhaps with your child's next birthday, take a picture every day. It doesn't have to be the same setting or perfect photo op, just a random photo each day. The dad in the story generally took his pictures either in the morning or when his daughter arrived home from school. If a picture every day is too much, what about 1 each week? Start a folder on your computer and download the photos to it. Then, on their next birthday, print out the photos and put them in an album for a birthday present. I think this is a BRILLIANT IDEA and I intend to begin it next month when my Little Miss turns 1. I haven't totally decided if I want to do 1 a day or 1 a week...I'll let you know! Good luck yourselves!
Cheers for now!

Friday, 15 May 2009


Looking back, nearly a year ago now, there are a lot of things I wish I hadn't bought! It's funny, you download the CHECKLIST from every other baby website which tells you all the things you MUST have before you bring your Little Miss or Little Mister through the door. As a couple, you dutifully head off to the nearest Baby Warehouse with clipboard in hand and start piling things into your trolley. It's rather exciting really but there are soooooo many things that you really don't need! So, here's a few from me- feel free to comment and add your own!

1) Pushchair/Stroller/Travel System Extraordinaire:
There are so many TRAVEL SYSTEMS out there that run into the many £ or $ and very well may be the priciest items on your list. You know don't really need it! Yes, of course, you need a car seat and you need a push chair/stroller but does it all really have to come in one SYSTEM??? NO!!! My travel system has been sitting in our garage for the last 7 months (my daughter is 11months). Of course it was useful but it was also GIANT and HEAVY and barely fit into the boot/trunk of our car without having to pop the wheels off. My humble recommendation is to get a Group 0+ car seat, preferably with an ISO-fix base (for ease of snapping in and out and not having to fumble with the seat belt. Purchase a pushchair separately that FITS YOUR NEEDS! Most pushchairs have the ability to fully recline which is important for newborns so find something LIGHTWEIGHT, fully collapsable, stylish and sturdy. PERSONALLY, our second pushchair purchase was the Baby Jogger City Mini (in green if you must know). Our Little Miss was 5 months old when we began using it and it's been a godsend. It weight 17 lbs, folds with a pull of one strap and one hand and is really comfortable (so says Little Miss). I highly recommend them! Again, a travel system is most definitely useful- we have used everything in ours- BUT, it has been sitting unused for the last 7 months, gathering dust and taking up space in a very cluttered garage.
2) Reusable Nappies:
I was going to be Wonder Eco-Mom! I didn't want to add to the overfull landfills, did I? We could manage doing the laundry every single night and drying nappies for ages, couldn't we? turns out we couldn't. Well, in fairness, I couldn't but I was changing 90% of the nappies anyway, wasn't I? Our Little Miss was not very little when she was born but she was still too little for the nappies. And, her belly button took quite a while to totally heal/dry up (6 weeks). When I tried the reusable nappies one day on her I was amazed. She doubled in size in the bum region and I found it difficult to fit her clothes on her giant padded bum! The absorbancy of the nappies was so great that I couldn't tell when she'd done a poo (the smell never got to me!) so she sat in one for longer than I like! It wasn't nice! And, she was WET, WET, WET! There's no WICKING with reusables. I didn't want my baby's bum wet like that every time she did a wee! So, the £140 paid was a waste. Yes, I could have persevered and I am sure other better mummies will tell me so, BUT, it was far easier, Little Miss was far more comfortable and isn't that what we all long for in a newborn's life. Realise that you don't have to be Wonder's OK to break down and use disposables. My daughter's generation can hate me for it but I imagine they'll be doing the same.
3) Nursery Accessories:
Cot need for them and in fact, they can be a hazard particularly when your child is able to pull themselves up in their crib. They'll use them as a launching step!
Bedding...really, with the popularity of Gro-Bags/Sleeping Bags, the only REAL necessity is a fitted sheet for your mattress. A light-weight blanket is good when it's particularly chilly but having lots of sheets and duvets/comforters/blankets/pillows is not necessary. Children won't need proper sheets/blankets/duvets until they are in a BIG KID bed and are over the age of 2. It's pretty and lovely and matchy-matchy but it's an expense you don't really need!
I do recommend investing in a good mobile that attaches to the crib. There are models that have remote controls which is good for middle of the night/early morning wakers. Our Little Miss would stare happily at hers for a long time. It had characters that rotated, a changing light source and lullabies which played. I didn't really care for the lullabies as they were rather "tinkly" but it's something that your baby might like.
4) Swings and Things:
Some babies like 'em and some babies don't! It would be rather unfortunate if you invested a fair whack into an all-seeing, all-juggling baby swing and then after putting Little Miss/Mister in it, find out he/she hates it! Not every baby wants to be rocked, vibrated and sung to. Try a simple bouncy chair! No bells, no whistles, just one he/she is strapped into and maybe has a toy'd be amazed how much enjoyment they get out of just gently bouncing under their own power. I could put my Little Miss in hers and put it next to my bath in the mornings...she'd happily sit there while I had 10 minutes to make myself human. I was lucky to have it!
If you're investing in an activity gym, aim for one that "grows" with them. It would be adjustable as they grow and change and need more tummy time or even sitting time! Not everything has to be educational...just fun and interesting does the trick most of the time!

My Little Miss has awoken from the longest nap of her life so I must go tend to her. Please feel free to add or subtract from the list above. I hope it helps and maybe lightens your load in your trolley at your next visit to the Baby Warehouse-a-Rama! Good luck!
Cheers for now!

Thursday, 14 May 2009

The Common Cold?

Another topic for discussion today: The Common Cold!
I hate to say it (please don't be mean) but my Little Miss has only had one PROPER cold however we have been plagued with teething symptoms for the last 5 months! But I do believe this one is a proper cold finally although thankfully her nasal drainage (that sounds posh) is still clear and she's readily accepting my wiping her nose incessantly. She even found humour in the nasal aspirator and drops! So I don't have to hold her down screaming and kicking any more! I'm just wondering if anyone has any home remedies, recommendations or suggestions for surviving colds in our precious babies. I've tried one recommended remedy but I don't know if it works for sure- smells nice though:
Get a mentholated rub (Vicks, CalRub, etc) and rub in on their FEET when putting them to bed in their sleep suits. Supposedly the warmth of the body causes the vapors to drift upwards through the night. My Little Miss has had this tested on her but I can't tell if it really is making any difference.
In the UK, over-the-counter cough and cold remedies have been newly cautioned. It seems that generally, these remedies don't really do much and giving them willy-nilly to under 2's in particular, can inadvisable. I'm not keen to rely on medication for my 11-month old so only in REAL instances of obvious discomfort or fever do I dose with Calpol (UK equivalent to Children's Tylenol). I'd love to hear what you might have tried, what works for you, what doesn't and how you survive! Thanks for sharing!
Cheers! - K

Adventures of Little Miss- volume 1

So, my Mummy decided to start this blog so she has something to do. I decided that I would help her! I'll write a little bit about my adventures as a toddler and you might find it amusing. For example...
Yesterday, Mummy took me to Nanny and Grandad's for a while while she ran errands (so she says...she probably went home and took a nap!). I had so much to do! I chased the birdies from the garden, played with my piggy, walked around and around the kitchen, pet Sinjin, ate some yogurt (spilled some of it on my shirt...Mummy noticed!) and moussaka and got rather hyper! When Mummy got back I was right in the middle of chasing Piggy...she spoils all the fun. She tried to make me take a nap but I had other plans! But then, after a while, I started to feel a bit snotty! Grandad had a cold, you see, and I think he gave it to me. Gosh, a lot of junk comes out of your nose, doesn't it?? Mummy keeps wiping and wiping- I HATE that! So, as revenge, I kept waking up last night and finally she gave in and took me in the front bedroom and slept with me in the BIG bed! I love that! I might give her a break today...naaaa. It's good to keep Mummy on her toes. I made Daddy get up before 6am today...Mummy was too tired from being up most of the night with me so she was very happy when Daddy finally got out of bed to take me downstairs. We'll see how much more torture I can bring to their day. Hope you enjoyed my first installment. Ta for now...
Love, Little Miss

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Let's Start at the Very Beginning...

Welcome to Café Bébé! In an effort to help new/experienced mummies and channel my creative energies, I am undertaking writing this blog. My goals are simple:
1) Highlight topics of interest to me and other mummies
2) Provide a forum to share ideas, tricks, tips, recipes and problems
3) Promote area events/locations/family friendly cafés, restaurants and shops
4) Give you food for thought
5) Brighten your day!
I'm no expert but I am a mummy to a gorgeous 11-month old baby who teaches me something new every day. I won't claim to know everything nor am I necessarily right about anything but I do have a voice and I like to use it every now and then. It is my hope that you will visit often, find things of value and share this outlet with your friends. You don't have to live near me to benefit from this just might have to miss out on some of the local goings-on! I will do my level best to post regularly and keep on top of what's what! Share what you can, be open to new ideas and be the best mummy you can be!