Saturday, 23 May 2009

Mummies on the Move

Getting back in shape is HARD work. After a busy morning of nappies, running after Little Miss and more nappies, am I willing to do more HARD work? Not so much! I find it hard to find the motivation sometimes. I always feel better after a nice long walk with Little Miss in the buggy but when the wind is blowing and the clouds are looming I find it's difficult to get out of the door. I want to get back in my pre-pregnancy clothes as much as the next mummy...where's that magic pill to give me a boost in the right direction? Well, I have found some answers and that's been through Mummies on the Move. Getting other mummies, buggies and babies together really helps. In order to keep my own motivation up, I've organised the mummies and babies that we're friends with to get out and walk. Sometimes you have to take the bull by the horns don't you? Yesterday was our first OFFICIAL Mummies on the Move event. I hope it won't be the last! We met at Burghley House, went on a grand walk through the grounds, into and around Stamford and back to Burghley. We finished up with a nice cup of tea and bottles for babies in the café by the Garden of Surprises. What a lovely walk! The mummies who were with me might disagree as there were quite a few hills to conquer but we all felt better at the end, I do believe. It makes such a difference to have someone to exercise with. You feel an obligation, first of all, and the time goes much faster when you have someone to chat with. The real key is making it a "workout", not just a STROLL. That's were the hills come in handy! In the US (major cities) there are a lot of Mummy workout opportunities- stroller walking groups, exercise classes, etc where in the UK, you're just not going to see a Buggy Brigade marching through the parks unless you're in London. So, I'm rather proud of the mummies who joined me yesterday...they worked hard, we had great conversation, our babies got fresh air and we burned a few calories at the same time. So, put down the magazine, fill up your water bottles, grab the phone and round up a few mummies, buggies and babies and get your bums moving! You might not get back into your pre-pregnancy clothes instantly, but you'll get there eventually. And it doesn't cost a thing! Cheers!

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