Thursday, 14 May 2009

The Common Cold?

Another topic for discussion today: The Common Cold!
I hate to say it (please don't be mean) but my Little Miss has only had one PROPER cold however we have been plagued with teething symptoms for the last 5 months! But I do believe this one is a proper cold finally although thankfully her nasal drainage (that sounds posh) is still clear and she's readily accepting my wiping her nose incessantly. She even found humour in the nasal aspirator and drops! So I don't have to hold her down screaming and kicking any more! I'm just wondering if anyone has any home remedies, recommendations or suggestions for surviving colds in our precious babies. I've tried one recommended remedy but I don't know if it works for sure- smells nice though:
Get a mentholated rub (Vicks, CalRub, etc) and rub in on their FEET when putting them to bed in their sleep suits. Supposedly the warmth of the body causes the vapors to drift upwards through the night. My Little Miss has had this tested on her but I can't tell if it really is making any difference.
In the UK, over-the-counter cough and cold remedies have been newly cautioned. It seems that generally, these remedies don't really do much and giving them willy-nilly to under 2's in particular, can inadvisable. I'm not keen to rely on medication for my 11-month old so only in REAL instances of obvious discomfort or fever do I dose with Calpol (UK equivalent to Children's Tylenol). I'd love to hear what you might have tried, what works for you, what doesn't and how you survive! Thanks for sharing!
Cheers! - K


  1. i love vicks!!!
    and if they are coughing up a storm in the night give the little ones a piece of bread. it soaks up all the snotness just long enough to get them back to sleep. i swear this works!

  2. We rub vick into our babies feet when she has a cold and it does really help with the congestion, its actually linked to reflexology so you need to rub it into the creases at the bottom of the toes (soles).