Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Throwing Teddies

Who knew that a one-year and two week old Little Miss could throw a temper tantrum? Where did my placid, cheerful, mostly agreeable daughter go? The explosion can be triggered by many different things and depending on the severity of the situation, the result can be any and all of the following:

  • Sitting down forcefully on bum and crossing arms over chest
  • Fully pursed lips and a rather angry glare
  • Fully pursed lips, a lift of the chin & forceful shake of the head
  • Protest slump- when you manage to pick her up, she goes slack and limp which makes carrying her nearly impossible.
  • Swiping of formerly crossed arms to push you away
  • "No, No, No!"
  • Throwing back of the head & fiercely arching her back- when done while being carried, it's very difficult to stop her from hurling herself from your grasp
  • The "SHE'S ABUSING ME!" cry

Triggers can include, but are not limited to:

  • not reading a book for the seventh time in a row
  • attempting to remove Sippy Cup/Dog's toy/Ball/Alfie (V-Tech bear) from tiny grasp
  • peeling her off Daddy when he leaves for work
  • re-installing her in her pushchair/highchair/Smart Trike after having a taste of freedom

As challenging and frustrating as this is, I love that my daughter is so clever and independent at such a young age. Because I have been her constant care-giver from day one and have hardly spent more than two hours away from her at a time, I worried that she would be too much of a Mummy's girl. I needn't have worried! This is one head-strong Little Miss that we have and I'm proud of her every day. I do worry a bit for what's to come but I can't wait to see what our not-so-Little Miss has in store for us!


  1. My Baby B is exactly the same at 10 mths!! She's a right little madam lately, but I love that she's independant and headstrong, just as a girl should be ;)

  2. I guess I prefer a headstrong, independent young lady...I don't want her to be a wallflower, that's for sure. I spent too much time flowering walls and I don't want her to be the same. :) I don't think this will be a problem, though, judging from the start we have now. :)

  3. I'm sure I commented on this - am I going mad?? Think I said hee hee - wait until she's 2!!! But if that comment shows up later, please don't think I'm mad!! x

  4. Couldn't possibly think you're mad! You're just a Mummy aren't you?? :)

  5. Girls start their tantrums much earlier than boys I think - mine did anyway! Now that she's four (and still having tantrums) I often think back to the baby days and marvel how much easier it was. Having watched some video footage back from when she was 18 months old, I realised she was doing it then... I'd just forgotten! Hold on to every moment because they pass so quickly!

  6. I know it goes quickly, doesn't it? I can't believe how fast the last year has gone. As much as I don't like the tantrums, I still am amazed with how much she's grown and appreciate her more every day. :) Cheesy..huh?
    :) Karin

  7. Another tantrum throwing little one here too. Monkey is 14 months and has been 'protesting' for quite a while now. I remember being really surprised at how early it starts having read about the 'terrible twos' but it's quite normal, or so I'm told.

    Our flashpoint is the cat biscuits. The poor cat doesn't get a look in!

  8. My 9 month old is starting with the tantrums, i think before they turn 2 there really cute. From around 2 onwards they just get annoying

  9. I've decided that the best method for these, at this age when she doesn't really understand, is to gently put her down, or if she's already down, walk away and get on with something else. She's safe, she's not getting my attention and it seems to stop relatively quickly. No, Laura, it's not very cute is it?? :) Cheers ladies!

  10. Totally agree with Laura - at first they are cute, and then they get really annoying. The more pointless they are the more annoying! Good luck - she will grow out of it... one day!

  11. Oh my!
    My Little Miss P is 11 months and is showing early Madam signs. You have a few months on me so I will listen and learn from you! Let the battle commence!

  12. Hello,
    My two are older now 6 and 4 yrs, as they get older you really get into the swing of things more. I found the baby days really challenging but now I look at my kids and really enjoy their company and realise it is all worth it. Being a parent is such an adventure, I love it, even though they drive you mad on some days!