Monday, 15 June 2009

Tag, You're it...

It seems that I am making some impact in the blogging world...I'm on someone's list to TAG! Ooh...I feel just like I'm back in school and I've been picked by the Cool Team! Laura at Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy has tagged me so I'm doing as I'm told...I am a good girl after all. I'll add my 8 bloggers to tag at the end!

1) Mention the person who tagged you (done)

2) Complete the list of 8’s

3) Tag 8 others and let them know (I'm going to break the rules here)
So here goes…..

8 Things I’m looking forward to
1. Father's Day...hoping my pressie from Little Miss to Daddy turns out right

2. A trip back to the US in October for my brother's wedding

3. Trialing Tumble Tots with my Little Miss

4. More sunshine

5. Getting more time to expand the blog

6. My family coming to England for Christmas

7. Talking to my sister-in-law when they get settled in Australia

8. Getting some money from Child Tax Credit!

8 Things I did yesterday.

1. Attended another 1st Birthday Party

2. Took pictures of my Little Miss swimming for the 1st time in in-laws pool

3. Cried because I couldn't fit into the swimsuit I thought I would fit into

4. Had a day-long headache

5. Posted a blog entry

6. Wished I could have been at the BMB meetup

7. Kissed my husband

8. Laughed with my daughter

8 Things I wish I could do

1. Afford to get my Little Miss some great outdoor toys

2. Bake and ice a Victoria Sponge cake

3. Cook Chinese!

4. Enjoy exercising

5. Get a new computer...all this blogging and a rubbish laptop to do it on

6. See my family in the US more often

7. Speak French fluently- I can get by pretty well but have an in-depth conversation? Non!

8. Take one of my BRILLIANT IDEAS and make it happen

8 favourite fruits
1. Watermelon

2. Pineapple

3. Mango

4. Nectarine

5. Strawberry

6. Plum

7. Canteloupe

8. Raspberry

8 Places I’d like to travel

1. South of France

2. Australia

3. New Zealand

4. Scotland

5. Ireland

6. Hawaii

7. Paris

8. Madeira

8 Places I’ve lived

1. Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA

2. Decatur, Illinois, USA

3. Lancaster, California, USA

4. Peoria, Illinois, USA

5. Hopkins, Minnesota, USA

6. Chicago, Illinois, USA

7. Caen, France

8. Northborough, England

And here are the 4 Blogs I'm tagging to carry on the trend (you're supposed to tag 8 but I don't want to burden too many people!). Sorry...and good luck!

Wife of Bold
A Modern Mother
Maternal Tales
Perfectly Happy Mum


  1. Thank you so much!! That's very nice of you. I promise I will not wait as long as with the others to pass it on.

  2. Sorry to give you another thing to do but I love your site and think it's fab! :) A la prochaine!

  3. I've given a little award to your blog on my latest post x

  4. Oooh...thanks! I'll check it out! :)

  5. Thanks for the tag and the follow on twitter...i'm following you too but not sure how to reply yet to messages? I got your message about the backgroung to my blog Thanks i'm glad you like it they're all fab aren't they? Ilike yours too!
    By the way you'll love tumble tots x x

  6. Provided the budget will allow, I KNOW Little Miss will adore Tumble Tots. We're also finding that she's CRAZY for swimming...oh dear! :) Have a gr8 day!

  7. Oh no I just tagged you not realising you'd been tagged already!!!!!! Sorry xx