Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Blogging Carnival

Greetings All!

In my ever growing efforts to get this blog viewed, I am being featured (along with a lot of other bloggers) in a Blogging Carnival through British Mummy Bloggers. You can find the posts at:

You'll have to scroll down a ways to find me as I'm number 21 in the list but there are some really brilliant posts by other Mummy Bloggers that I'm sure you'll find fascinating. Do try to follow their sites because they write some great stuff. Thanks for reading and following! Next post to come from me... My review of the Silver Cross Halo pushchair! Come back soon!


  1. Thanks for plugging the carnival and for your wonderful contribution!

  2. You're welcome Rosie...thanks for adding me to the Carnival and hosting it as well! :)